Weather Risk
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Weather Data
           and Forecast
Live Forecasts
Location TMax TMin Rain
Hyderabad 19.1 16.8 Rainy
New Delhi 33.3 20.9 Clear
Kadapa 29.9 22.5 Rainy
Kurukshetra 33.3 18.9 Clear
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Weather Trading
           and Insurance
Active Contracts
Location Rain Max Payout Price
Indore 250 mm 5000 500
Patna 360 mm 5000 500
Jaipur 82 mm 5000 500
Jodhpur 45 mm 5000 1000
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Weather Sensor
Weather Perils
Air Temperature
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
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Agriculture Information System
  • Agro Advisory service to farmers in order to maximize production
  • Farm level information to minimize cost and to check the feasibility of growing a particular crop
  • To identify areas where seed farming can be done
Geo Surveillance
  • Crop Surveillance through Remote Sensing, Aerial Surveys and Cloud Sourcing
  • Crop Acreage and Yield Estimation
  • Flood and Disaster Mapping
  • Oil and Gas Identification
  • Infrastructure Planning
Vehicle Tracking
       and Fuel monitoring System
  • Track your Vehicle anywhere in the world Live
  • Monitor your Vehicle Fuel any time
  • Protect Vehicle from Voilating Geofence
  • Get SMS Alert and Live Tracking on Mobile
  • GRPS/GPS based Innovative Tracking System

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