Weather Risk
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International Presence

40 AWS Installations for weather insurance settlement. Feasibility study for launching Weather Index Insurance under Climate Resilient Agriculture Project of IFC. Feasibility Study on Weather Index Microinsurance in the Limpopo Valley of Mozambique. Feasibility study for launching Weather Index Insurance for SDC. Working with leading reinsurer. Conducted feasibility study for launching Index Insurance for IFC. <p>Working with leading insurer and insurance broker to launch index insurance program in Bangladesh. </p> 6 AWS Installations. 5 AWS Installations. <p>Launching Index Insurance services with leading insurer in Country.</p> 10 AWS Installations. Working with local partners Working with local partners 204, Vardhaman Prashad Plaza, Sector 12<br/>Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075 Eichenallee 11<br/>D-14050 Berlin<br/>Germany 350 Fifth Avenue<BR/>New York, NY 10118<BR/>USA